There's a whole new world of mobility and fashion out there, and we like to think that we understand the value of finding the right partners.

We believe in the power of the example, so here's a few areas we're currently exploring.

ISPs or mobile handset manufacturers wanting to stand out in the crowd by adding a very compelling offering for young female demographic with disposable incomes. Handset Manufacturers and Operators can embed the application on phones targeting the young female demographic. Internal links can link to the Operator or Handset's application download portals. Additional PR can be set up to offer access to fashion shows and special events as prizes.

Online communities and other services wishing to give their users the possibility to customize their icon in their profile with a caricature of themselves as a supermodel. Create a fun way to have members update their accounts and status indications.

Platforms outside the mobile, such as taxi video touch screens looking for entertaining shopping game on their device, or websites wishing to showcase their product in a shopping game. We have a multi-screen approach to the Anina Dress Up platform.

If you think there's something we should be working on together, whether it be from a marketing, commercial or technological perspective, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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