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Anina Dress Up users access one of the fastest growing catalogs of local designers and new brands in the world. Fashion fans get to discover new fashion designers and brands showcased in a high-quality mobile game that's a delight to use. The net result is an unparalleled user experience and interactivity with the local fashion industry.

Promoting your fashion brand on Anina Dress Up is a monthly advertising fee. Develop a new, innovative visiblity for your brand through the mobile phone. We will digitize your fashion collection and upload it to the game. We can link to direct sales or to your website from the clothing items. We will promote your collection in top spots in the mobile and on the web with a complete fashion bio, active links, promotions, and interactivity. We aim to release an uploading platform relatively soon so that content owners can partner with us easily.

We are constantly adding new designers and brands to Anina Dress Up and want to offer our users all of the fashion in the world.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


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