Everyone loves fashion. Including your customers.

Your best customers might already use Anina Dress Up. All sorts of people, every hour of the day, mixing and matching fashion to show their style and discover new brands.

People use words like freedom, choice, personal, social and fun to describe how Anina Dress Up makes them feel. We can offer your brand safe, legal, environment designed to a high standard.

Open up a new market channel for your label in the mobile phone - starting with demographic, location and color.

By interacting with our users your brand can benefit from association with an experience people feel so passionate and positive about. Tell us your goals and let's come up with creative ways to reach people messages they're going to enjoy hearing and seeing. We can even create a customized, branded, full version of the game for your label to release new styles into every time you launch a collection. We can even support you with an integrated mobile coupon marketing campaign to push out to users through the game.

Our core formats are vector graphics of your clothing, so accurate that it looks like the real items!

If you're an advertiser, agency, designer, or brand interested in learning more please contact us.


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