About Anina Dress Up?

Anina Dress Up is a new way to discover top local fashion brands in a fun memory game and free style dress up zone. Simply download the application to your phone, and before you know it, you will be styling top fashion model Anina to upload and share with your friends. In the memory game, you must race against the style countdown to quickly restyle Anina in the outfit that is shown to you. Test your memory skills by remembering hair, skin, top, an bottom and see how good is your style eye. In the Free Zone there's no time limit, you can dress up Anina in any way you like. When you have decided on your style from the many real life designers in the gallery, upload it to the website and let people comment on it, rate it, and share it with friends. With Anina Dress Up you can discover top local designers and support the fashion industry's new rising talent from your own country. There are no restrictions in terms of combinations, only your own personal style can guide you. Because fashion is social Anina Dress Up allows you to experiment with the latest fashion designs. If you have a designer that's your favorite and you don't see them in the gallery, send us an email here with the name and website and we will contact them! Enjoy Anina Dress Up and support rising designer brands with your mix and match style!


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